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by: Jumala Multazam

In Islam world, this thing has been expressed 14 last centuries, taught openly to all people explicitly, even commanded to overspread that human get so much God blessing. This teaching, when whole Islam believer still believing it totally and integer, it has proven to provide the most pre-eminent generation along the length of history. The glorious of them have been staying during more than 700 years, until finally that pre-eminent generation was brittle because have leaved and doubted of this teaching. the wonderful of the teaching has no longer been believed by most of moslem. In consequence they didn't get benefit except only a few part of them remain to maintains their believe so the greatness still felt until today. They are the big moslem scientist and choiced people having so high level of believe ( read: belief in God) to God words, either in AlQur-an or Hadis qudsi also other hadis.

Let's pay attention to the following Allah's firman in hadis Qudsi:

Mean: I (Allah) follow the presumption of my slave to me, the presumption is good then he will find some thing well to him, and if the presumption is ugly then he will find something ugly to him.

Anything which we think and believe in marrow, it will be realized by Allah. If you believe that you succeed then insya Allah you will succeed, and if you are think that you are failed then also insya Allah will failed.

In the other hadis:

Anaa ‘ inda dzanni abdii bii, faliyadzunnu bii ma shaa-a ( rowahu Thobarani wal hakam)

Mean: I follow the presumption of my slave to me, hence so he should assume with what he wish neither what he doubts.

Therefore we ought to fill marrow by what we wish, then propose it to Allah, then believe that the God will realize it, hence insya Allah it will be realized. Rather than filling our mind with any doubts. Any doubts will cause happened so. The doubt causes what we wish not realized.

Rhonda Byrne tells:

The Law Of attraction is a law of nature, it doesn't choose any people, whoever experiences it. It does not look if the thingking good or bad, want or do not want, it only receives a signal from you mind and bounces it back to you. When you are focus at something actually you are calling something so to attend to your life.

This is the implementation of the God blessing that applied to all of the creature, doesn't see any religion, the behavior, and if the moral is good or not.

We are of course not talking about reward and sin, neither of discussion about godfearing and immoral, however we are discussing about God blessing implementation to all the creature is the world.

There is no moving creature on the earth but it is sustenance dependeth on God: he knoweth the time and place of it's definite adobe and it's temorary deposit: all is in a clear record (Lauh almahfuzh). ( QS HUD : 6)

In surah Alfatihah Allah said:

( God) The Most Gracious, the most merciful (QS Al Fatihah:3).

In the interpretation of Ibnu Kathir it is explained that word Al-Rohman from word Al-Rohmah is meaning the gracious, while ArRohman is meaning very gracious. The God is The Most gracious to the creature. While Arrohiim, in the book interpretation, means of The God to love special for the believed people in Him.

The conclution is The Law of Attraction is just realisation of the God character of ArRohmaan, Allah very graceful to all the creature without exception.


Marchi Shimoff

"Thanks is absolute road to deliver more kindness into your life".

Rhonda Byrne.

Thanks is a basic teaching from many Gurus teachings along the length of history. In the book that has changed my life, The science of Getting rich, written by Wallace Wattles,1910, thanks is the longest chapter. Every teacher that figured in the book “The Secret” applies thank is a part of their wish.

And remember your Lord caused to be declared (publicity) :

if ye are grateful, I will add more (favoures) to you, but if ye show ingratitude, truly my punnishment is terrible indeed. (7) ( QS Ibrahim).


Rhonda Byrne

Giving money will deliver much more money into your life. When you are merciful with money and loving to share with others, actually you are saying in marrow “ I still have enough money”. This is the key and you will draw more amount of from the univers.

According To Rhonda Byrne, by giving to others hence actually delivering more abundance to our self. In This Case God says:

For those who give in charity, men and women, and loan to God a Beautiful Loan, it shall be increased manifold ( to their credit), and they shall have (besides) a liberal reward (18). ( QS Ahadeed)

Implementation LOA according To Michael J. Losier

To implement the Law Of Attraction in a consciousness there are three practical steps: Recognize wishing of your desire, give attention at the wishing, and let the wishing transforms to become reality.

Recognizes Your Wishing

It is likely easy is not it? In the reality most of people doesn't understand what they want, however very clever to mention many things which they do not want.

God says in hadis Qudsi:

Anaa ‘ inda dzanni abdii bii, faliyadzunn bii ma syaa-a ( rowahu Thobarani wal hakam)

It means: I am with presumption of my slave to me, so he should presumption with what he wants. (not prejudice with what hi does not want) ( Thobarani wal hakam).

Gives Attention at Passion of Your Desire

The Law of Attraction will deliver any thing you give whole attention to, energy, and focus. The way to relize that one is choosing correct words, that is words or sentence generating positive feeling.

Rasulullah said:

For who believes to God and final day hence shall say either or just silent………. ( HR Muslim)

If you choose some good words, hence you will get two hikmah, first one is you earn reward because of following Rosulullah, secondly you earn benefit that saying positive words will generate positive feeling. And positive feeling, according to Losier, So the way is giving attention to your passion.

Let The Passion Transforms to be Reality.

Quickly or slowly of your wishing to be realized is depending on your outright feeling. Lets the passion transforms to be reality. This phase is most important & determined.

To me, I see that The Secret and Law Of Attraction is just testimony and evidence of the truth of Muhammad teaching. However both of the books open my mind, adds my believe about Firman of Allah “I follow presumption of My slave to Me, when the presumption is good then he will get the good, and when the presumption is bad then he will get the bad”. And the Firman of Allah “ Call (ask) me; I will answer you”. I am as one who believes with both of that Firmans of Allah, I fully believe with that. But in the other way I difficult to understand due to find many people get poor and fail, it is likely not the same as the Firman above. But with both the books I get hikmah, new good understanding to see the real truth and evidence that both of the Firman above, has really been implemented in the world. Allah is absolutely right with all His firman.

Credit To: Jumala Multazam

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