Khamis, 25 Ogos 2011

You're The Boss (don't let anyone take that away from you)

Hi Talhah,

Do you ever have days that just turn into a downward
spiral and make you wish like you never got out of bed ?

Well, if you're like most of us, I'm sure you're able to
recall what those days feel like.

When this happens, we're essentially 'giving up' our
controll, we are relinquishing command to the mercy of
others and the events of the day.

These are the days when we should be standing up and
saying, "I am the boss, I'm in charge of how I feel!"

To do this you have to take greater control over your
"focus". By focus I mean, of course, your thoughts and

It's definitely not easy to avoid being influenced by the
things you experience day to day, especially if you're
not use to controlling your own thoughts and
emotions. Sometimes no matter how hard you try, you
keep slipping back into old habits and losing your

Here's two tips that I use almost everyday to keep
controll. Give them a try next time you feel things
starting to slip away!

1) "I choose to believe [blank] ...."

This statement can come in very handy when you start
falling back into negative thinking. One little thing will
happen and suddenly you'll find yourself locked into a
negative state of mind where nothing is going right and
nothing ever will!

When you notice this happening, you can take control
IMMEDIATELY by saying things that counteract the
negative things you were just thinking.


"I choose to believe that everything will work out just fine."
"I choose to believe that I control my thoughts and emotions."
"I choose to believe that great success is my destiny."
"I choose to believe that I can do anything I desire."

Just remove the focus from negative expectations and thoughts,
and replace them with more positive (and powerful) affirmations.

2) "I choose to feel [blank] ...."

It's easy to forget that you really *do* have the power to
choose your emotional state, and this little statement
can help remind you!

Whenever you notice you're starting to feel down or
aggravated, "choose" the emotion you want to feel instead.

"I choose to feel calm."
"I choose to feel happy."
"I choose to feel inspired."
"I choose to feel optimistic."

Then, of course, once you've chosen a more positive
emotion, you need to focus on actually *feeling it*.

That may sound difficult, but it's NOT if you use the power
of your thoughts....

Think about *something* that makes you feel calm, happy,
inspired or optimistic. It can be something from your past,
something you want to experience, or something that's just
pure fantasy. As long as it inspires the right emotions, you're
on the right track!

It takes a little bit of time at first, but once you get into
the habit, you'll find it happens almost on "auto-pilot"...

New You Life Coaching

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