Khamis, 25 Ogos 2011

Need help? Do this today to get on track!

Hi talhah!

I want you to think about something today...

I know I always talk 'pushing your comfort zone' and 'saying
YES to new opportunity' and that IS so important -- BUT I
don't want you to underestimate the power of some of the things
in your life that are working -- let me explain so you know
how to use this for your success...

There's something to trying something new BUT there's also
something powerful to tried and true.

Let me give you an example...

The other night I decided to try a new restaurant.

I had read some reviews online and was looking forward to the
'authentic' mexican food that awaited me.

When I hit the front door, I was a bit surprised.

The interior was VERY dark and it looked quite run down...
I said to myself 'C'mon give it a chance - this could be
the best food you've ever eaten' and sat for my feast.

Then things got interesting...

The waiter threw a scratched up plastic dish of what looked
like old vegetables in front of me and then my murky drink
arrived...more red flags went off, but I was determined to
give it more of a chance...

Then I realized there were no menus and I heard the waiter
loudly explaining the limited options to a table across the room.

Finally the chips and salsa were put in front of me and I
thought 'Now we're talking' -

But I was SO wrong...

The chips were stale and the salsa was watery and finally
my internal assessor took over.

'Let's get out of here' - I said to my friends - 'this place is horrible!'

So we paid the waiter for our murky drinks and quickly got
out of there...

We went around the corner to one of my 'regular' places.
The host recognized me and sat us right away, our drinks
were clear and cold, the chips were warm and the salsa was delicious.

It was so empowering to take ourselves out of a bad situation
instead of committing to trying something new for new's sake.

The point is - there is excitement and the chance for discovery
when you try something new, but there is also something to what
you already know is tried and true.

So I want you to do something -- ask yourself this question...

"Where in my life are things working?"


"What is a time in my life when things were working?"

Then look at what you were doing at that time in your life --
what attitude did you have? What habits did you have? What
did you put most of your focus on? Were you looking for
Challenges or Opportunities? etc. etc. etc.

What you are doing (or did) when things are working is
tried and true and THAT is what you want to repeat over
and over again!

Now ask yourself this...

"What in my life isn't working?"

Whatever answer you come up with, THAT is where you need
to do something NEW :)

Got it?

Good, now try it!

Life Mastery is Yours!


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  1. All I Can say, nice!!!Thanks for sharing, make me think again...most of your post make me thinks...Thanks again...:)

  2. u are welcome, thanks for visiting.. :)


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