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What if LOA doesn't work for you?

From the Desk of Kristen Howe

The 1 thing you must know if the Law of Attraction doesn’t work for you

When ‘The Secret’ hit the public eye and turned the spotlight on the Law of Attraction,people started jumping on the LOA bandwagon to attract money, success, love…you name it.

BUT if you are like most of these people then chances are good you tried to harness the power of the law of attraction but have been left with nothing to show for it (and may be worse off then when you started.)

I know where you are, I was in the same boat until I found out the hidden truth behind making the Law of Attraction work.

There is one great misconception about the Law of Attraction and, if you are almost certain that the law of attraction doesn’t work for you, have no fear, removing this misconception may be the first step to turning things around for you as it was for me.

What is this great misconception? The primary reason the Law of Attraction is probably NOT working for you, and that reason is this…

For the law of attraction to work, you HAVE to take inspired action.

I repeat…

For the law of attraction to work, you HAVE to take inspired action.

Yup…sorry to say, you can’t just sit around visualizing and have the life you desire ring your doorbell. (I’m not going to lie; years ago I believed this misconception and am I glad I learned the truth.)

Visualizing is powerful and SO IMPORTANT…feeling it and seeing it and tasting it is the beginning, the foundation, but it is not the whole picture.

Look at it this way, visualization is the thing that leads you to the right and inspired action that will make the law of attraction work for you and attract the life of your dreams.

Anyone who leads you to believe that all you have to do for the Law of Attraction to work and bring you everything you want, is sit around your house and think about it, is trying to take your money and give you nothing in return.

I need you to know this false belief is what some (not all) ‘Law of Attraction Gurus’ are counting on…because as long as you have this belief, the law of attraction won’t work for you and you’ll need them.

Don’t get me wrong, there are AMAZING teachers out there that legitimately teach the principles of the Law of Attraction (and believe me, I’ve tried them all, the good and the bad, so I know from years of personal experience.)

To help you with your journey, I’ll share with you who is the ‘real deal’…

But first IT IS ESSENTIAL that you learn how to know the difference between Inspired Action and plain old action, and we’ll talk about how to do that in my next post.

Go Big!


Nota: Inspired Action..tindakan susulan setelah membuat permintaan berupa usaha dan ikhtiar yang dilakukan dengan semangat dan perasaan yang optimis dan penuh keyakinan yang selalu kita bincangkan dalam topik-topik sebelum ini.

Credit To: Kristen Howe

Kristen Howe adalah seorang LOA Coach yang disegani dan berjaya membantu merealisasikan serta memberi inspirasi kepada ramai berdasarkan daripada testimoni-testimoni yang diberikan kepadanya. Tunjuk ajar dan nasihat yang diberikan beliau sangat bernas, tanpa selindung dan lebih banyak berteraskan kreativiti seseorang dalam melakukan usaha dan ikhtiar/komitmen.

Layari laman web beliau di: gobigcoach.com

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