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Series of My Learning Process (4)

Sunday, 21 December, 2008


In Lesson 4 you learned about Subliminal Messaging, which is unique
in that it involves very little effort on your part and creates the
mindset you desire quickly.

Mind Technique #3 is: your 'Ideal Day Generation'

This mind technique can be the most important thing you can do to
achieving your dreams.

It doesn't need to be performed as often as the others, but its
impact is powerful, and long lasting.

A certain magic occurs when you place pen to paper (or fingers to
keyboard) and document what you are feeling or thinking inside.

In a sense, your written thoughts and feeling become more "alive".


If I asked you to describe to me your ideal day right now, could
you easily give me the details??

Chances are that you couldn't.

And this is a HUGE problem because if we can't see our goals and
desires *clearly* our subconscious mind can't help us achieve them.

Saying that I want to have lots of money someday doesn't give the
subconscious a definitive target to aim for.

How much is lots of money? $500? $50,000? $5,000,000? And when
will "someday" be?

In a month? A year? Ten years? Next Tuesday?


To raise the odds of having the life you always wanted, you must
first write down exactly how you would like that life to be.

Makes sense, right?

It's going to serve as your guiding light. Whenever faced with a
decision, you will now be able to think:

"Will choosing this bring me closer or further away from my Ideal

This should quicken the time it takes to make decisions and will
GREATLY improve the choices that you make.

Not only that - but it will be your "snapshot" into the future.
When you are struggling and feeling defeated, you can always go
back to your Ideal Day and get motivation from it.


The Ideal Day Generation mind technique will really get your
imagination going. It should be exciting and FUN. Kind of like
writing a shopping catalogue :-)

You get to write down ANYTHING at all that you would like in your
ideal day.


Never limit your ideas - especially when it comes to wealth. Is it
possible for you to have 200 million dollars in the bank? Yes, it
is possible and that's all your subconscious needs to know.

And don't worry about how you will make the events in your Ideal
Day come true. That's exactly what your subconscious mind will be
working on.

You worry about the 'WHAT' and your subconscious (along with the
powerful universal laws of attraction!) will worry about the 'HOW'.


** The above sentence is absolutely critical. Please read it again,
because I cannot underscore the importance of this enough. **

Now, because your Action Plan for designing your perfect Ideal Day
involves 5 important steps ... I'll stop myself from simply "glossing
over them" in this lesson... (today's letter is already getting too

To make sure you get the *most* benefit from this great technique,
I will outline all 5 steps for you in the next letter.

Until then, I'd like you to have a good "think" about what you
would ask for on your unlimited 'wish list' to Santa ;-)

Keep an eye out for your next lesson Talhah, because in all
due seriousness, this particular mind technique can take you one
BIG LEAP forward in accomplishing your goals...

Look forward to it! :-)

Yours in success,
Noel Jones

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