Rabu, 21 Julai 2010

A mentor is the first step

MULAI HARI INI, SAYA AKAN KONGSIKAN INFO DAN MAKLUMAT PEMBELAJARAN SAYA TENTANG LOA (yang akhirnya saya garapkan menjadi husnuzzon dan hukum tarikan) DARI

Inilah adalah antara email awal yang saya terima di awal pembabitan saya mempelajari LOA

Hi Talhah,

Surrounding yourself with supportive people who
don't drain your energy is important no matter
what you're trying to accomplish in life, whether
it's building a business or raising children.

Attracting the right people into your life is
like having the right teammates on a football
team; you're all focused on the same goal of
winning in life.

Just like a football team needs a coach before it
can succeed, you should start by finding a
mentor. Someone who inspires you and is in a
stage of life or business that you want to be in
someday. If this person doesn't offer formal
mentoring or coaching, ask them if they'd
consider it. Maybe you can offer a bartering

When you have a mentor you have access to their
network of colleagues and acquaintances. Before
you know it, you'll find yourself meeting new
people who can help take you to new levels of
success and contentment.

Also, simply observing the type of people your
mentor associates with will help inspire you and
guide you as you choose new friends.

Now that you have the right mental attitude, it's
time to get out and meet some people.

Volunteer work is a good way, because people
there will be like-minded and someone who is
giving with their time is likely to make a good

Wherever you're at, just be alert to people who
stimulate your thinking and are interesting. Be
sure to share your thoughts with them too so they
can find out as much about you as you do about

Wishing you the best,


P. S.
Friendship is a two-way street...once you
believe you are likeable, you will attract the
right people to help with these positive beliefs about

Noel Jones
PO BOX 903, Hawthorn
Melbourne, Victoria 3122


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