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Why Affirmations Usually Don’t Work?

The first thing we need to look at is why affirmations haven’t worked for so many people so that you know what to avoid and then we’ll get into the positive side of affirmations.

Here’s The Top 5 Reasons 97% Of People Fail With Affirmations

1) Most people don’t say them the right way.

They say them in the future or conditional tense as opposed to present tense.

The future tense is the tense that says, “I will…” or “I’m going to…”

You’re putting something into place in the future. But the future never arrives. We only have the present moment.

“I’m going to be rich” will never work.

Instead you say, “I am rich.”

The conditional tense is the tense that says, “I would like to….” Or “I wish I could…”’ It has the idea in it that something may or may not happen.

Affirmations need to be definite firm statements. Saying an affirmation in conditional tense isn’t giving the universe a firm command.

This is why saying “I hope I make more money this year,” or “I wish I could lose weight,” won’t work as affirmations. They are conditional, wishy-washy, because when you hope for something it may or may not happen.

Affirmations must be stated in what’s called the “simple present.”

This makes them stronger, much stronger than saying them any other way.

The simple present is “I have abundance.” You don’t wish for it in the future. You don’t hope that you’ll have it one day. It is putting that affirmation firmly in the present, exactly where you want it.

Think of it this way. We live a series of present moments. We live in a constant present. Affirmations put a future present into the present moment.

2) Repetition—Not saying them enough or consistently enough

Most people say them once and think it’s going to work.

You have to say them over and over and over again.

Affirmations will only work when repeated and you put the consideration repeatedly out there. The way the Universe is hardwired is that it won’t pay attention to one affirmation.

The world’s greatest Affirmation experts from John Assaraf to Brian Tracy will tell you that you have to say them over and over and over again.

Repetition is the mother of skill!

The more you say an affirmation, it creates a belief and once that belief comes into play, things start to happen and manifest into your life.

When you say your affirmations over and over again The Principal of Dominant Thought also comes into play. Whatever your dominant thought is, that is what you will move towards.

So if you are thinking about prosperity and abundance all the time that is what starts to show up in your life.

3) Power of The Mind - They don’t believe in the power of their mind.

We are all born with an incredible mind.

We are capable of creating anything. Yet in the average person, only 10% of the mind is used, which results in 90% not being utilized.

Just imagine what we could do if we used the full capacity of our mind? There have been many studies done that showed people accomplishing great feats with the power of their mind.

With affirmations you are putting your mind to great use and programming it for success on a daily basis.

4) Negative Thinking – A lot of people fall into negative thinking or listening to negative people who say affirmations don’t work.

People don’t recognize their habitual, almost unconscious thinking.

The majority of people have habitual patterns of negative thoughts and they don’t realize it because it has become a way of life.

When you’re not aware of your thoughts, they tend to be negative (for example, thinking that you’re not good enough, or that life sucks, or that you never have enough money to pay the bills.)

When you’re not aware of your dominant thought, you put yourself in a downward spiral and the negative/stinkin’ thinking gets worse and worse.

I use to worry about being able to make my bills every month. Even though I was using affirmations all the time, “I don’t have enough money to pay my bills” was my dominant thought. Once I became aware of my dominant thought, I could overcome it with powerful, positive affirmations.

You need to be consciously aware of your negative thoughts but you can’t pretend that they don’t exist.

You need to acknowledge them and replace them with a positive thought. When a negative thought comes up, we can say “okay, that was my thinking in that moment. Now, I have clients knocking down my door,” or whatever your positive affirmation is.

One trick is to say “Cancel” when a negative thought comes up and replace it with a positive thought.

5) Not Believing – Not believing their affirmations are going to work.

People get so caught up in the present that they don’t think their affirmations will work. They look into their present circumstances and give up too quickly.

In addition, a lot of people have tried affirmations in the past and they didn’t work because they weren’t doing them the right way.

They also believe outside influences.

They are not affirming their affirmations are going to work. All they are affirming is all the past times they have failed and just gave up.

People also have hidden or unconscious beliefs.

Byron Katie as well as many many others have pointed out this fact. Katie talks about how to overcome false beliefs.. When you’re not aware of your thoughts, when you’re not conscious of how your thinking affects you, then those false and unconscious beliefs affect you negatively—and that’s why affirmations don’t work. People don’t work to recognize and get rid of false beliefs.

Why Affirmations, When Used Correctly,
Do Work.

Okay, so we know why affirmations haven’t worked for most people.

Now, simply doing the opposite of these 5 things may give you a little bit better results, there’s still more to discuss and more of a science to it.

This article was taken from 'the desk of Dr. Patricia Ross', Best Affirmation :


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