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Contoh-Contoh Pengesahan dan Penegasan (Affirmation)

Bagi pengamal Hukum Tarikan, melakukan affirmasi adalah suatu yang menjadi kemestian.

Affirmasi adalah perkataan atau pernyataan-pernyataan positif yang selalu diulang-ulang dengan bertujuan mendidik minda separa sedar (unconscious mind) untuk sentiasa memberikan fokus dan tenaga kearah sesuatu keinginan yang sedang diusahakan. Tujuannya ialah supaya kita sentiasa istiqamah iaitu berada dalam frekuensi yang konsisten dengan apa yang kita sedang usahakan.

Disini disenaraikan contoh-contoh affirmasi yang boleh kita gunakan dan sesuaikan mengikut keadaan diri kita:

Affirmations for Love

"I am surrounded by love"

"I love and accept myself exactly as I am"

"I know that I deserve love and I accept it now"

"I am a loving, beautiful creative person and this is reflected in my relationships with others"

"Loving myself unconditionally brings healing and an abundance of love into my life"

"The love I give out returns to me multiplied"

"Love flows through my body, shines in my face and radiates out from me in all directions"

Joy Affirmations

"I go with the flow and my life is easy and filled with joy"

"I see the beauty in my surroundings and I radiate joy and love"

"I am grateful for all the wonderful things I already have in my life and those that are yet to come"

"As I learn to love myself I can feel the love and joy from my own heart flow through my body and radiate out to others"

"I increasingly relax and accept the good that I now know I deserve in my life"

"I regularly take time out to do the things I want and love to do, I follow my heart and feel a sense of freedom and release"

"I now choose thoughts that nourish and support me in a loving and positive way"

Healing Affirmations

"I know that my healing is already in process"

"Every cell in my body vibrates with energy and health"

"I am healthy, healed and whole"

"I choose health"

"I naturally make choices that are good for me, I take loving care of my body and my body responds with health, an abundance of energy and a wonderful feeling of well-being"

For those about to undergo surgery or medical treatment:

"Every hand that touches me is a healing hand"

"I now receive the treatment I need in the perfect time, place and way for me"

"My body heals quickly and easily"

Relationship Affirmations

"I love and accept myself as I am knowing that by doing this I can love others more fully and they can love me"

"All my relationships are now loving and harmonious"
"I now attract the perfect partner into my life"
"I deserve love and happiness"
"I attract only loving and uplifting people into my life"
"My friends are mutually loving and supportive"
"The past has no power over me, I forgive all those that need my forgiveness and I forgive myself"
"I love and accept myself the way I am and I love and accept others in the same way"
"Everyone I come into contact with appreciates me for the wonderful person that I am"
"I make friends easily wherever I go"

Prosperity Affirmations
"My income is constantly increasing"
"Abundance is mine"
"I deserve all good in my life and that includes prosperity"
"I am a money magnet, and prosperity of all kinds is drawn to me"
"I know that life is abundant and I accept abundance in my life now"
"My good comes from everywhere and everyone"
"Money flows to me from expected and unexpected sources"
"New opportunities to increase my income open up for me now"

Career and work Affirmations
"My unique and creative talents and abilities flow through me"
"There is a huge demand for my particular skills and abilities"
"I can pick and choose what I want to do"
"My work is enjoyable and fulfilling, and I am appreciated"
"I earn good money doing what I enjoy"
"Wonderful new opportunities are opening up for me to use my unique creative skills and abilities"
"I am successful at whatever I choose to do"

Forgiveness Affirmations
"I forgive and I am forgiven"
"I easily forgive all those that need forgiving and I forgive myself"
"Forgiveness is a gift I now give to myself and those around me"
"The past has no power over me"
"Forgiving makes me feel light and free"
"The more resentment I release the more love I have to express"
"As I learn to love myself I find it easier to forgive"

Affirmations for Releasing
"I release all dis-ease from my body and welcome health, love and happiness into my life"
"I release old hurt, anger and resentment easily"
"I choose to live my life the way that makes me happy and I am free"
"I release the need to be right all the time and to judge others and I am free"
"I choose to be in touch with my own needs and desires, I release the need to please others and know that I have a right to all my feelings and emotions"

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